Why the non-US folks love Barack Obama

I clearly don't give a shit about the US economy nor inner crisis, or anything about US in particular, but one thing is for sure - they got one of the coolest presidents I've seen.. for like, my entire life.

I will make one super buzzfeed-like post, but I think this is unique and awesome and we should appreciate people like that. Who cares is it's his staff that creates this vision of Obama, but it is awesome.

He loves his family and uses every chance to show us that..


He did hit the media with the 'most liked' Facebook photo.. with his wife

obama most liked photo on facebook

He became one of the most popular online memes

obama gif

..even when he did not want to

obama laser sword gif

He went badass even in his earlier presidential days

obama kicks door

And ooh boy, it went even better

obama announces ironman

Obama did made a lot of fun of Obama .. well thanks, Obama

obama, thanks obama The amazing souce

But we gotta take a moment to appreciate his supportive wife.. and her dancing skills.

michelle obama dance

I really think she dances a lot
michelle dances Not kidding ..
michelle obama dancing with jimmy If that's part of the presidential campaign, hell, it's working ..
michelle dances wih elen

If you thought that's all. You are dead wrong.. Her hubby knows the moves as well

obama dance

You think by now, that presidential life is all dancing and fun.. it's not. It's a survival

obama eats salmon Eating half-eaten salmon left by a bear is part of the presidential training with some souce

I really wanted end it with 'deal with it' meme, but this one hits harder than Floyd Mayweather .. oh wait he never hits.
obama deal with it

And as final statement try looking up cool stuff about YOUR president. It's tough ..

Tsvetan "Cv3" Topalov

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