Trust in authorities, a story

I was probably 7-8 years old, first grader.

The action took place at my school yard and it remain as one of my most vivid memories of my childhood.

I wanted to get this down in writing before I forget that one as well.

Since I've been developing my method of loci technique for the past several years, at this point I've lost a huge amount of my childhood

Story time

I was walking on my way to school with my grandfather when I noticed 2 kids, probably from my school following us (or maybe passing by the same road to school, but I did noticed them). When they walked right past us, I did manage to overhear that they mentioned me and something about my grandpa.

Never mind. Probably got it wrong, but still my awareness levels got pretty high at that point.

I've had zero school experience - it's been probably few days since I've started school. And even less social experience.

My grandpa took me to the outer front gate and asked if I would like him to walk me to our room. He was joking, right ? Other kids were going to school by themselves already.

I went solo. And right in the front yard there were those 2 same guys. The yard was full with little people, I couldn't see any adults. I thought of myself 'Hey I will just walk past them and nothing's gonna happen'. But it didn't go that way. It's for higher grade bullies to approach little tiny guys like myself at that time and harass them for their launch money. I was first grade. I didn't had launch money, I had launch, in a box, at school.
The bullies came straight at me, grabbed me and shook me asking me for money. 'I don't have any' I whispered scared to death. This shit has never happened to me before. I've seen bullies only in the movies. In real life it was so scary. They quickly checked my pockets - nothing. Meanwhile I took few kicks bellow the kneecap, so if there are adults around us, nobody could see. I was hurting, but I couldn't show any weakness - I was scared to death.
They've let me go. I ran.
After school, I went home. I couldn't talk much, so my dad used several techniques to get me talking. Once I started talking, I started crying - because I was helpless, never felt that before, scared, helpless and angry.
I told him what happened. He was pissed. He said he would talk to the principal. I asked him not to, but secretly I was hoping he would do it. And he did. He went straight there with me the next day, the principle had me identify the bullies. I did and they received a punishment. They called their parents, it was huge scandal. Seems to me like no kid was ever complaining about bullies at that school.

At this point I had trust in the authorities. I wasn't scared anymore. I never saw the bullies again.

Skipping forward 15 years later..

I just finished a big project, celebrating. Happy, glowing 22-23 year old at a bar in small city 20 min away from the capital, totally wasted with my then girlfriend and couple colleagues.
As every good story, that starts like that, suggests, the city clowns and a 'playboys to be' (I will just stick with clowns) started hitting on my girl, after all I am skinny, nerdy city boy.
Problem is I am jealous as hell and violent to a no reasoning when it comes to people trying to take what is mine. The previous part of the story explains why.

Add alcohol and things would never end fine. What happens next is obvious. A fight blows, my boys join the party - it happened to be a lucky coincidence - our client was MMA fights management organisation and couple of the boys were there for the party.
Things ended pretty badly. For the clowns. And for me. At some point I was hit in the head with something which my colleagues thought they saw was a chair or a part of a table, considering the consistency of the alcohol in my blood along that, made me blackout for couple of hours.

Seems like one of the clowns I started this with took it to a whole new level.

Next day we lick our wounds. Me and myself were looking for revenge - a legal one. Since nobody could ever tell who started the fight and I got hurt the worst. I started asking around, who were those assholes, finally I've found out.
One is the kid of the mayor of the city, pretty important person - and since the corruption in our country is top notch business, political officials are even more important and valued. Nobody said a word about his involvement, not to me, not to the cops. Not anyone.

This was the point, where my faith in the authorities vanished.

Seems like your role in society plays, huge role in the punishment system. Just like I've seen in the movies. But to have to live it, is whole new thing.

I've met the asshole again, several months later, where I learned more stuff. But that is story for another time.

Tsvetan "Cv3" Topalov

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