Should I work or do business

Now, comes the question "Why not both ?" - that's easy. We can come to an answer in 2 short sentences, but I want to make sure there is nothing left.

Last couple of years were the years on young and mid-age entrepreneurs. What exactly were most of those guys is hard to tell. As a regular internet troll I'd say idiots, but as a guy who understand where the money goes I'd say geniuses.
This is the tech age, if you wanna go big - go tech. That's what every newborn billionaire knows. Most of them just get 1 good idea for the past 15 years, but they grab it and make it work - how, only one who did it may know.
As a guy in my mid 20s working 80-100 hours a week on dozens of projects, I've picked my thing and it's work that I prefer. But how did I choose that ?
Well, I suck at doing business - that's for sure. I do a job where companies are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, for few grands a week, within deadlines impossible to match by big companies. I prefer working. I know my price, I know the basics of keeping clients around, but I don't do business with them - I do work.

Doing business.

That's a bad habit used by those who want to grow big. I want to keep it in the middle. I want to have a stable income without the corporate borders of an office or infant boss and retarded colleagues. If you want the same or partially the same you better cut the bullshit and start working - hard. But what if .. what if .. you are not like me - is this wrong if you want to do business. It's bad business when the need to do business is bigger, than the need to do work. You should want to do both. After that you could say it's good business.

Delivering ideas

Do not fucking do that. There is a saying that successful people share their ideas. DO NOT fucking listen to this crap. I do know successful people and there is one thing you should know about them - a good idea is shared after safety precautions are done. Either a patent or a landing project, a document of the idea or anything. You don't want the next Apple to steal your iPhone :)

I am here for the money

As a wise man once said - gtfo. The tech sector got plenty of money making machines, with their overpriced products and extended marketing strategies, just to sell their crap. I won't go through all of them, but there is a list. You one make money go sell oil, or potatoes, or rice .. or whatever. Every tech savvy knows what happens to those who came here to conquer the markets, but not the hearts of the clients, nor their minds. There are 8 Steps for the successful IT product

  1. Make it unique
  2. Make it a problem solver
  3. Find a way for a competitive market price (do not hire Chinese girls to make your phones)
  4. Make the product so user friendly that you could explain it with 3 sentences
  5. Make it work !
  6. Make it competitive, beat the competition, be multi-functional
  7. Pick up goals and milestones that could and will be followed
  8. Find your audience and your way to them
  9. Sell the shit out of it

Now you know. You could go for the work or go for the business. The one thing you only need to know is where are you meant to be.

Tsvetan "Cv3" Topalov

I am full-stack developer by mind and saas ninja by heart. If you want to share some thoughts @tsvetowntopalov (NSFW: I express my thoughts and heart here you might feel offended at some point.)


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