How to 'Root' Lenovo A3500-H

Terrible tablet for rooting. Finally made it tho. Thanx to
It's working with latest Android version 4.4.2 KitKat.


  1. Turn off your tablet
  2. Plug it out of the PC ! ( This is super important!)


  1. Download the drivers archive driverautoinstallerv1123600 and install it (start the install.bat)
  2. Download archive supersu213 without extracting it, copy it to your SD card (external memory).
  3. Download TWRP, extract it, go to the folder SP_Flash_Tool_v3, using administrative privileges, start the file Flash_tool.exe (right click the file -> 'Run as Administrator')
  4. After opening Flash Tool, go to File > Open Scatter-loading file and select the .txt file from twrp directory. Extract the and go to the folder target_bin and use the file MT6582_Android_scatter.txt as 'Scatter loading file'
  5. Add a tick to DA DL All With Check Sum and click Download
  6. After 'starting' the Download plug your tablet (don't turn it on) you will see how the Flash tool starts installing TWRP Recovery. After the process ends you will see a green circle - you can turn-off the program. Plug-out your tablet from the PC, but don't turn it on yet.
  7. Turn on the device in recovery mode (Use the button combination from the following buttons: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button) and wait until you see TeamWin Recovery window.
  8. Go to TWRP Recovery, select Install and point to the zip you've transfered already named Install it.
  9. Restart the device from the menu. Root completed.

Tsvetan "Cv3" Topalov

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