How to play Mu Origin EN During Canada/Ireland lockout

It's really easy, because region based limitations are only set for the store the app is and not for the in-game server ( of course there are limitations that I will talk about later ).

To be able to play the legit way you need to change your App Store / Google Play region to Canada or Ireland. To do that you need to search for ( CI = Canada or Ireland )

  • City in CI
  • Post code in CI
  • State in CI ( or I think it was just in Canada )

Next step is to actually change the region.

How to install and change the region in iOS

This is actually done just like Google Play, by changing the Payment Address. You can follow the screenshots, but in general roam in Settings > iTunes and App Stores > Account

alt alt alt alt alt alt alt

How to install and change the region in Android

There are way to many ways for me to go through for android so I am going to link them to you. I will also explain how I did it for myself without changing the region here.

Here is the cool part. There is an easier way to do that without changing the region.
Download this APK (it's tested and clean, already installed it on 3 devices) and install it. You have to enable unknown sources in order to install the apk. It's older version of Mu Origin so you'd have to wait for it to patch on the first start.

Download MU ORIGIN.apk

PS: You can find me within Europe Region , in server Origin 1 by the name of CV3. PM me I can give you zen :-)

Tsvetan "Cv3" Topalov

I am full-stack developer by mind and saas ninja by heart. If you want to share some thoughts @tsvetowntopalov (NSFW: I express my thoughts and heart here you might feel offended at some point.)


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