Fix screenshots for Elementary OS (PrntScr issue workaround)

This is quite trivial issue that could be fixed, but lazy ass devs don't care. (JK!)

Well the workaround includes dconf tools and reassigning the shortcuts to new command.

First we need dconf tools and we gonna use
 sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

or click Install - it will launch the installation script. (fancy). Next thing we see is this awesome icon

Not this big of course. Go to your app center or w/e you are using and you will see it.

Create a shortcut wrapper.

Due to the fact that I use shutter for this and so should you (it's safe, easy and fast)
we type in shutter -f -e. The -f stands for full screenshot and -e will close the window immediately just like it never happened (but the screenshot goes to your directory)
IMPORTANT Lazy fucks remember to actually assign some key here (random, I did CTRL+NUM0) you won't use it, but don't use* Print

Next thing we actually need the stupid shutter

There are many ways to get that. For most recent information go here, but if you are lazy - like me, here is the command set

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shutter/ppa
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install shutter

Now you have shutter. What's left is to actually assign the Print key because our keyboard editor won't do that, that's the whole point Print can't be assigned.

Use the dconf Editor to assign print

Open it. As our friend in the launchpad bugs section noted we have to go to:

> org 
 > gnome 
  > settings daemon 
   > plugins 
    > media keys 
     > custom keybindings 
      > custom0 (or 1,2... – find command name)

from there you have to set binding to Print so the stupid key could work.
Yours should look like mine:

And you are officially DONE.

If you want more fanciness read bellow.

You do know that this is only part of the job, what do we do if we want to capture only a window, like I did on those pretty screenshots I posted up there ?

We do the same thing over - again. With one small change - we use the -a attribute to snatch the active window.

and the dconf editor goes as follows

WARNING Remember to remove the actual <ALT>Print combo from the Screenshot section of your keyboard settings, because it won't work (just in case you decide to use the same shortcuts I did). To remove it simply go there click on the Take screenshot row and press / - that's it, it would look like this.

For more of those screenshot tricks ..

You can check the command help shutter -h and create whatever screenshots you'd like. You got the idea :)

Tsvetan "Cv3" Topalov

I am full-stack developer by mind and saas ninja by heart. If you want to share some thoughts @tsvetowntopalov (NSFW: I express my thoughts and heart here you might feel offended at some point.)


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