Bye WordPress

dear old WordPress !

Decisions, decisions..

As for the past few years this blog was 'proudly' powered by WordPress from now on it says good bye to the old fella and welcomes the future. I was aware that the times would come where WordPress couldn't catch up with the modern technologies and I really think the time is now.
Even after examining the fact Ghost still lacks elementary features it's still superfast and reliable, and few tweaks did actually made it better. I am glad I took my 15 minutes of lunch break to deploy ghost and banish the old site filled with the filth of my younger and less abstemious mind.

Why Ghost

  • Lighting speed
  • Clean
  • Takes few minutes to deploy
  • Rapidly growing community

We all look for platforms to share our minds on, some use Medium, other WordPress, but the fact stays - simplicity is the future.
Now the question - why not Medium ? Becuase Medium is rather building a community than allowing the authors to have their own place (not that I am 'author' or anything, just posting my thoughts and ideas .. to whoever reads this).

I personaly prefer to 'throw the bottle in the ocean' instead of joining any communities.

I will add an archive sooner or later to the previous installation and would probably publish all the drafts (hundreds of them) I've made over the years. There some pretty spooky stuff around there.

Tsvetan "Cv3" Topalov

I am full-stack developer by mind and saas ninja by heart. If you want to share some thoughts @tsvetowntopalov (NSFW: I express my thoughts and heart here you might feel offended at some point.)


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